What’s Your Passion?

Anybody who knows me knows that I love my coffee.

People that also know me well, know that I love to grill and smoke meats. I grill and smoke meats year-round and it’s not uncommon to do something once or twice a week. Some people would say that I’m passionate about smoking meats and grilling.

I also enjoy woodworking as a hobby. Most of my larger tools came from my dad who passed away when I was 18. I’m very passionate about how I take care of them and the fact that I get to use them.

I also have 2 grandkids that were born earlier this year. My daughter, Brittany, and her husband Ryan, gave birth to Andrew late this past spring and my son Brian and his wife Jen adopted a little boy in the summer.  Some people would say that I’m passionate about my grandkids.

What are you passionate about? Perhaps you’re passionate about your family? A hobby? Your work or career? What is it that gets your time and attention? What is it that you pursue?

The idea of passion is often associated with our careers. weve all heard statements that says, “figure out what your passion is and then pursue a career in it and you will never have to work again because you enjoy it because it’s your passion”. If we think we have passion in our work and careers, we believe we will find great fulfillment.

Worldly passion has as its premise that you should be happy and should find fulfillment in pursuing your desires…and passions. The problem with worldly passions is that it leaves God out of the picture and the focus is on you and what you want.

Godly passion – it’s all about God. Our passion and lust for things in this world does not even compare to the passion we should have for God. Jesus constantly taught this in his three years on earth in his ministry.

Jesus gave a parable about a man who kept building bigger barns but was never satisfied. He kept wanting more, but when he died, his life was empty.

At another time, a young man came to Jesus and asked what he must do to get eternal life. When Jesus said to keep all the commandments, the young man replied that he was a very moral person and kept the commandments.  Jesus then said to go and sell all and to surrender his life and follow him.  But the young man was very rich – so he walked away very sad because he did not want to give up his passion for money.

A woman was caught in adultery and Jesus tells her to go and sin no more.  In other words, walk away from that lifestyle of lustful passion.

Some of the disciples even thought and argued about who should sit on the right hand of Jesus. Their passion was recognition and honor.

Jesus taught over and over again that our pursuit and worldly passions are a dead-end. We are being deceived when we make the things of this world our passion and priority.

Want to get the most out of life?  Discover that our primary passion is to pursue God.  We are to surrender to Him and to take up our cross daily and follow him. Love the Lord your God with all of our heart soul and mind.