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Face Time with God

Our church (RCC) is in the middle of a series called, “Do Something: Make Your Life Count.”  We are using the materials from the book by Miles McPherson.  As a Bible Study leader at RCC, we are studying various scriptures as it relates to this theme.  This past Sunday we looked at the Matthew 3-4 and saw in the scriptures that God prepares His people for what He wants to accomplish.  We not only see that John the Baptist “prepared” the way (Matthew 3) but also that Jesus was led by the Spirit and fasted 40 days to “prepare” himself for the upcoming temptations and His earthly ministry (Matthew 4).  Here we see how important it is to spend “Face Time” with God.  If we want to understand how God wants to use us to “Do Something,” we need to be led by the Spirit and seek God face to face.  If were not careful, we often see a need that needs addressed, an opening in church that needs filled, a call to volunteer to help… so we jump in thinking we need to “Do Something”.  I agree that often and too many times we have a tendency towards doing nothing rather doing something, but as we see in the bible that it works best if we spend face time with God so we can be led by the Spirit to do the right things.

Moses was a man who saw a need and wanted to do something.  The Hebrews were in captivity and were crying out to God for deliverance.  We read in Exodus 2 that Moses saw the burden of his fellow Hebrews.  One day he witnessed an Egyptian beating a Hebrew so he did something…he killed the Egyptian.  This course of action did not free the Hebrews of their burden of slavery.  Moses had to flee Egypt.  In Exodus chapter 3, we read that Moses, many years later, was living in Midian and watching sheep on Mount Horeb.  It is here that God gets his attention through a burning bush.  God speaks with Moses.  Moses had “Face Time” with God.  From this face time with God, Moses is called and led by God to lead the Hebrews out of Egypt to free them of their bondage / burden.  This time Moses would “Do Something” but it would be done God’s way.

Face Time is critical in God’s preparation to use us for His purpose.  How is our face time with God?  Are we spending time with God so we can better understand how to adjust our life to “Do Something” God’s way?